MusicAllStars Publishing

Founded in 1998, MusicAllStars has become a strong force in the world of music publishing and is now the home of a wide variety of songwriters and producers. Operating in all music genres, MusicAllStars is a specialist in song and top line placement for international pop artists and DJ/ producers through a variety of major as well as independent labels.


It all starts with music. To bring the music up to top notch level we are working around the clock to support our composers developing their skills and sound. Setting up co-writing sessions and collaborations between our composers and artists in our network. We regularly organize writer-camps with clear and specific targets. Furthermore our creative department is in close contact with the roster giving feedback on the songs, helping out in making decisions during the writing process and seeking for the best possible topline and vocalists to create mainstream potential.


No successful copyright without actual exploitation of the copyright. We connect to a worldwide spectrum of labels, A&R’s and decision makers to get the music released. Besides our key contacts in the music industry, we’re proud to be part of a broad network of music supervisors, TV and filmmakers, advertising agencies, broadcasters and other content creators. We have a pro-active approach towards this network and we have a reputation of being spot-on with regards to pitching our content and thus we create great synch opportunities for the MAS roster.


Over the years our copyright management and administration department gained a vast in-depth knowledge of regulations in all territories. Having built an very solid registration and monitoring system, we work though a waterproof income retrieval protocol. That means we collect not only through collecting societies, but also directly from the users, as well as via a network of sub publishers. MusicAllStars guarantees a powerful and effective method for the flow of royalties to our composers.


Our services aren’t restricted to writers and composers only; professional users of commercial music can count on our full attention and individualized service, aiming on the best possible result. Either full songs for your artist, just a top line, or a tailor-made musical concept for a campaign: we are at your service.

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