Who the #!@& is Lesko Cerf?
We were hoping you would ask.
Does name dropping impress you? We didn’t think so. But we’ll do it anyways.
How does ‘major label’, ‘Top 40 radio’, and ‘official remixer’ sound? But in case none of that works, let‘s try something else.
How about a minute long visualization? You work too hard, anyways. You deserve a break.
Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the world’s biggest club. You are surrounded by
passionate dance music aficionados like yourself. The lights are flashing in perfect marriage
with the beat. Your mind stops, and for
the first time in weeks, months, maybe years, you’re lost in the sway of melodic perfection.
The build starts – the tension is palpable – like when you made out with your crush for the first
time. Don’t rush it…it’s coming. Someone bumps in front of you on the dance floor to get a
closer look at the DJs. They ask “Who are these guys?!” You flash a knowing smile. Then…
The DROP! Bodies jumping, moving in unison, like a perfectly crafted organism. Everything is
good in that moment. Everything you’ve experienced up until this moment
comes together and…makes sense. Let’s Go.

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